with Rachel Friedman
The FREE 4-part meditation series to calm your nervous system and connect with your body’s inner wisdom, so you can break free from overwhelm and live with greater intention, freedom and self-love. 

It's so common to feel like you are “broken,” “not enough,” or like who you are or the way you’re choosing to live your life are somehow wrong. 

Especially if you were raised by parents who were struggling with their own worthiness.

By perfectionists.

By narcissists.

By disconnected folks.

By folks with wounded inner children that never got the healing they deserve.

By overly demanding or controlling folks.

If you grew up feeling not seen, heard, believed.

If you grew up hiding yourself away or with hypersensitivity - crying at the drop of a hat.

If this sounds like you, I want you to know: Healing is 100% possible and it comes from within.

I created the Calm AF Free Meditation Series to help you do exactly that.

By doing these MEDITATIONS REGULARLY, you will ground your energy and create the foundation for a Safe and Supportive environment that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

So that no matter what challenges arise, you will have confidence and self-trust that radiates from within. 

So you can:

  • Have sustained focus throughout the day and effortlessly power through your to-do list  
  • Improve your relationships with yourself, your partner, your kids, your co-workers, and clients when you heal old patterns that kept you stuck in constant exhaustion & overwhelm 
  • Feel more confident in yourself and understand the unique VALUE you provide to the world whenever you show up 
  • ​Feel less on edge and have more patience with your loved ones, welcoming more loving moments of peace, fun, and enjoyment in your life
  • ​Feel calm and relaxed within your body, even when you are upset or triggered

Your 4 part meditation series includes:

 Grounding Meditation

We are all made of energy, but when your energy is chaotic, life can feel out of control. When you learn how to ground your energy you gain focus, clarity, and presence. This meditation will create a sense of levelheadedness.

Calming Your Nervous System

A simple orienting practice to help you calm and soothe your Autonomic Nervous System when you feel activated or revved up, anxious, stressed or overwhelmed. This meditation will provide you with a feeling of relief.

Resourcing with your Body

Connecting in with your body is a gift you can give yourself, each and every day. When you know how to connect inward and have awareness of the sensations in your body, you can start to live your most intentional life. This meditation will provide you with a break from your thoughts.

Connecting With Your Inner Child Meditation

Your inner child is the part of you that you’ve locked away and have placed protective mechanisms around, that you’ve learned to hide in order to survive. Your Inner Child also holds so much joy and pleasure. Connecting in with those parts of you can be so healing.

The first step to a life where you feel truly calm, free, and compassionate towards yourself is awareness.

Awareness. Acceptance. And then Action.

This is how you grow and live life with intention.

This is how you release and make friends with your ANXIETY and take your life back.

What Rachel's clients have to say:

Imagine . . .

  • Not over reacting when your kids don't listen to you
  •  ​Not spending hours upon hours wondering what if something goes wrong (with your job, with your relationship, with your kids, with the world) 
  • Feeling grounded and centered as you show up for your day
  • Prioritizing your own needs and taking care of yourself first, so your cup is full when you need to make time and space for others
  • Feeling in-control of your reactions and feelings - even when you’re triggered or the worse case scenario happens, you know that YOU can choose to feel calm 
This is 100% available for you too.
Let’s make it your reality.

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Hey, there! I'm Rachel.

Running businesses has been my life for the last 20 years.

I understand what it feels like to struggle with ANXIETY and constantly feel like something simply isn't right. It’s why I created this program.

Psychotherapist, fitness coach, 3 yoga studios, and now a six-figure coaching business. I know the ins and outs of how to get your business thriving. 

It starts with a strong foundation, seductive marketing, and a confident sales process. 

My clients have upgraded their mindset and implemented powerful marketing strategies. The results they have manifested are proof that it works.

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