About Rachel Friedman

Rachel Friedman, MSW,PW, is the founder of the Somatic Coach School where she helps people struggling with high functioning anxiety break free from overthinking and over analyzing through somatic healing. She also trains therapist, coaches, and healers to integrate somatic skills into their practice, so they can provide life changing results for their clients.

I believe our bodies hold the wisdom and medicine we need to heal and live an incredible human experience — one where we learn to feel all emotions.

Within my 25+ years in the wellness industry I have seen hundreds of people change their relationship with themself through the power of somatics (aka - body based healing).
Like you, I struggled with high-functioning anxiety for many years. On the outside everything appeared "good.' I had my own business, 2 great kids, a husband. But inside it felt like at any moment everything was going to come crashing down.  I was a tight ball of anxiety. Overthinking, overanalyzing everything.  Struggling to get a good night sleep, feeling completely exhausted and burnt out.  Thinking that if I could just escape for a short amount of time everything would be ok.  But even after a vacation, the feeling didn't go away.

It wasn't until I learned how to tune into my body using somatic practices that I was able to change the relationship I had with myself and anxiety. Instead of trying to make the anxiety go away, I learned how to UnShame it and use its energy to enhance my life.

Now I feel so fortunate that I get to pass these tools down to you!

The Somatic Coach School was created out of my desire to not just help individuals heal from anxiety, but also help other practitioners add somatic skills to their practice, so their clients can benefit from the power of connecting to the body.  

I truly believe the more people who have this skillset, the more healing we will experience as a society.  Making this world a better place for everyone.

What People Are Saying

Over the past 6+ months I have transformed from an individual who could barely say a kind thing about myself, to someone who can say I love you in the mirror in the morning.

Shea Parker

Rachel's program is successful because the tools are easy to learn and use - a level of introspection you've never has before. 

Heather Peace

Rachel deeply sees people, but more than that, she creates a space to allow them to see THEMSELVES. If there were ever a 'magic bullet' to growth, it's that."

Elizabeth Lyons

There was a moment when I wondered, "will this work?!" And about a month in I found myself thinking, "holy crap... This is working!" Seeing the shift in my perspective is worth it's weight in gold!

Maggie Olson

Rachel is nothing short of amazing!I now have an amazing set of resources at my disposal that enables me to manage my emotions, set personal boundaries and more.

Emma Baker

 I learned how to set up my coaching business and continued to work on the mindset component of being a coach and an entrepreneur. 

Diana Sodiq

What Rachel's clients have to say:

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